COLE & CO Wardrobe Edit

COLE & CO Wardrobe Edit

So how does a wardrobe edit work you ask yourself?


I will visit you at your home or via Zoom and together we will declutter clothes from your wardrobe that are no longer worthy!  We will assess items for fit, colour and wear.

I will organise your new wardrobe so that you will be able to see what you have and easily select pieces every day making getting dressed a breeze!

I will supply new hangers ~ top hangers and clippy hangers for skirts, jeans etc and create new looks you will love!

I will determine the gaps in your capsule wardrobe [shop for the gaps}

Determine your BIG BASE COLOUR 

Photograph outfits for your reference 


I will organise underwear drawers and organise each step

to make getting dressed a breeze

I will supply your very own fashion manual